Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the fabulous city with the great combination of Asian and European culture. Try traditional bath which offers various fascinating rooms for bath. Travel to unique archeological places, such as the well mixture of Turkish, European and Hindu architecture, the awesome building of Islamic worship and the grand basilica built for the Roman emperor. Visit Turkish outdoor markets to buy Istanbul’s agricultural products and handicrafts while see Turkish people spend their lives. Take a trip to Istanbul, get an impressive memorable experience!


Miami, USA

Miami is one of the US’s renowned cities which charm visitors over millions a year. This city has a lot of prepossessing fine arts and historical museums for travelers to discover. Tourists can enjoy picnicking, sunbathing, dog walking or cycling while seeing the beautiful view of Miami at Barnacle Historical State Park. Do not forget to rest at the city’s appealing beaches to attend various pleasant activities, such as swimming, diving and playing jet skiing through crystal-clear seawater. Visit Miami’s popular day spa where the superb aromatherapy treatment will refill your energy. At night, enjoy seafood menus at local restaurant and then please yourself with all the world’s types of music from classic to techno in The Lemming Theater. Travel to Miami and receive the best vacation in your dream!


Memphis, USA

Facing the stunning view of glittery surface of the Mississippi River, Memphis is situated on the apex of the river delta. Surrounding with many famous cities: New Orleans, Louisiana, Chicago, and Detroit, the city’s unique culture has been formed as its charming attraction fascinating tourists around the world. This land is also the birthplace of the Blues reflecting the lifestyle of Afro-American living in the town. You can enjoy the Blues in May when the renowned Beale Street Music Festival is conducted. Moreover, the king of rock and roll—Elvis Presley—lived here. The high-season of Memphis is in spring and fall when the weather is pleasant and mild.


Ottawa, Canada

The city is located along the Ottawa River on the southern banks, the river that forms the local boundary of Ontario and Quebec provinces and is the main water way of provinces here. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. Diversity of cultures of Ottawa is established with the mixture of local origins—Odawa—and modern civilizations. Furthermore, Chinatown and Little Italy temporary stay here.